Motörhead’s Classic Lemmy Joins Super7’s Ultimates


Legendary rocker Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister is no stranger to Super7‘s various lines of action figures. He has appeared more than once in the company’s ReAction figure catalog, but this time he is joining the top ranks of the Ultimates series. The Motörhead frontman will be making his debut as a 6″ tall, highly detailed action figure during the end of Summer 2023. Pre-orders started this week and will run until September 2nd, 2022. Like other Ultimates toys, Classic Era Lemmy will be $55 and come with a number of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Even the packaging for Lemmy’s figure is metal as hell! As you’d expect, Lemmy comes with his bass, booze, and multiple swappable heads/hands, including a middle finger gesture and a cigarette. Even the included microphone is accurate! Yes, the sleeveless shirt is fabric.

I cannot wait to see what version of Lemmy makes it into the Ultimates collection next. Will it be the “Modern Cowboy,” or maybe we’ll get an Ultimates Warpig?


The Lemmy ULTIMATES! Figure captures his iconic 1980s era with lavish paint, details, and details to recreate his larger than life personality and attitude. It comes packaged in a deluxe slipcase-style collectors box and features a badass assortment of interchangeable accessories

Lemmy comes with the following interchangeable parts and accessories:

  • 3x Interchangeable heads
    • 1x Neutral head
    • 1x Snarling head
    • 1x Sunglasses head
  • 10x Interchangeable hands
    • 2x Gripping hands (horizontal hinge)
    • 2x Gripping hands (verticle hinge)
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Bass playing hands
    • 1x Cigarette hand (left)
    • 1x Middle finger hand (right)
  • 1x Mic stand
  • 1x Whiskey bottle
  • 1x Bass guitar
  • 1x Motörhead shirt (soft goods)

What are your favorite Motörhead songs? Were you fortunate enough to see them on tour before Lemmy’s passing? Let us know your stories in the comments section below.

[Source: Super7]

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