NECA to Produce ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ Joel and Ellie Action Figure Pack

The Last of Us Part 2 was undoubtedly a game that came out last year and caused a lot of internet drama. Finally, someone over at NECA must have gotten the message that people loved Joel and Ellie because we’re getting a two-pack featuring the survivors.
The pair of 7″ action figures from the Naughty Dog horror/survival game come with a plethora of accessories needed to survive in a fungus zombie-ridden world. Knives, bows, arrows, axes, and lots of guns! The pair will hit store shelves in March 2022.
Macho Ma’am Abby Savage and her band of walking target friends are nowhere to be seen yet. Let’s keep it that way unless you want to recreate hilarious that boat scene.


In The Last of Us Part II, players experience the devastating physical and emotional consequences of Ellie’s vengeance as she embarks on a relentless pursuit of those who’ve wronged her. This Ultimate action figure 2-pack includes Ellie, who has a mysterious immunity to the zombie infection, and Joel, the smuggler-turned-father-figure who was initially tasked with escorting her across a post-apocalyptic America in the first game.
Each figure has over 30 points of articulation and comes with screen-accurate accessories: include axe, machetes, rifles, knives, pistols, backpack and bow and arrows, plus interchangeable hands. Collector-friendly window box packaging with dual front opening flaps.

The Last of Us 2 stirred up quite a lot of reactions when it was released. However, the director deflected blame for taking players on a multi-hour-long ride to nowhere and killing off the only interesting character.
Shills wanted to pretend that any criticism of the game was due to racism, sexism, or transphobia for some reason. Then the entire thing ended on a down note with copies of the game piling up in stores, and the only memorable things were the memes about golf. Not the best hill to die on as far as identity politics goes.

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