EXO-6 Adds Voyager’s Tuvok To Its Premium Action Figure Line

I am curious. Have the Q always had an absence of manners? Or is it the result of some natural evolutionary process that comes with omnipotence?” – Tuvok
EXO-6 is jumping from the Mirror Dimension to the Delta Quadrant! The company’s latest 12″ tall action figure from the Star Trek franchise is Voyager’s resident Vulcan Tuvok! The Lt. Commander of the lost Federation vessel joins Janeway and The Doctor as part of this premium line of figures. From the looks of it, Seven of Nine is soon to follow.
Tuvok will run you $218 and $25 shipping. So to pre-order, you only have to put down $20.


EXO-6’s continues the crew from Star Trek: Voyager with Lt. Commander Tuvok, Captain Janeway’s chief security officer during their prolonged voyage through the Delta Quadrant.  A Vulcan who had served with Captain Sulu early in his career, Tuvok had infiltrated the rebel Maquis when the two groups were thrust together by Voyager’s exile far from home.

Tuvok comes with the following items in the box:

  • Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 30 cm tall.
  • Realistic Portrait: Tuvok’s portrait is lovingly rendered by top artists, with an excellent likeness of Tim Russ. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted.
  • Starfleet Duty Uniform Jumpsuit: Meticulously researched, this duty uniform matches the pattern, and color of the original costume recreated in 1:6 scale. Magnets are sewn into the uniform so the holsters for the tricorder and phaser can be attached. An authentically scaled communicator badge is permanently affixed to the tunic.
  • Boots: Soft plastic boots sculpted to match the cut and style of the original series footwear.
  • Hands: A total of nine interchangeable hands are included so he can be displayed holding the various accessories. Also included are specific hands for the Vulcan salute, a mind meld and Vulcan nerve pinch.
  • Display Base: A hexagonal display base featuring the transporter pad will provide additional support for the figure. Two different inserts for the floor of the base can represent the transporter pad or the center of the transporter array.
  • Autograph card: An informational LCARS card that can used to get an autograph from the performer and displayed with your figure.
  • Type II hand phaser. The phaser can be worn in a black holster that magnetically attaches to his jumpsuit.
  • TR-590 Tricorder X: This standard tricorder can be opened or worn in a holster.
  • PADD (Personal Access Display Device): the data display device used onboard Voyager.
  • Phaser rifle: This Type 3B Phaser used by the Voyager crew.

Tim Russ went from playing a Spaceball unable to find s#!t on a desert planet to playing one of the best Vulcan characters next to Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. Lost years Delta Quadrant, Lt. Commander Tuvok’s rigid manner, and alien bluntness put him at odds sometimes with the habits and personalities of the U.S.S. Voyager’s human crew. Regardless, his noble and heroic nature is shown on more than a few occasions. Then he got spliced with Neelix, and I jumped ship after that.

What did you think of Tuvok and Star Trek Voyager? Let us know below.
[Source: EXO-6]

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