Ramen Toys Next SilverHawks Figure Is Mon*Star!

Ramen Toys is adding a new figure to their SilverHawks line, following up QuickSilver with the cartoon’s main baddie, Mon*Star.
Mon*Star was recently listed at the Big Bad Toy Store for pre-order. He’s a pricey fellow. This 9″ tall figure is $119.99. Like the previously announced QuickSilver figure, Mon*Star is not just a recreation of the animation model. He has a bit more detail with some liberties taken with the overall look of the metallic red villain. He’s not quite as top-heavy as the cartoon counterpart, but he looks a bit more demonic here.
Mon*Star will come with the following accessories:

  • 2 Head sculpts
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • Rifle
  • Elbow thrusters & thrust effects
  • Sky-Shadow figure
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy
Ramen Toy

From the classic animated series SilverHawks, Mon*Star jumps into action as a 1/12 scale figure! Featuring 26 points of articulation, metallic finish, and interchangeable hand parts. The set comes in collector’s window box packaging for display.

We went to Ramen Toy’s official website, but it has not been updated to include Mon*Star. The QuickSilver figure was, for a time, being offered at nearly 30% off. Hopefully, this new addition to the SilverHawks line will get the same treatment.

Something that the Mon*Star figures have been lacking since the 1980s was a glowing effect. Nearly all of the character’s transformation sequences involve the Moon Star’s red beams, and you’d think a company would use that to add a light-up gimmick.
Only Burger King took advantage of the whole red light thing, but it was in the form of a decoder ring. The transparent red plastic on the ring would let you see hidden messages, like what you’d find on G1 transformer boxes.

What do you think of this reimagined Mon*Star action figure? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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