Adventures of the Man in Black: The Johnny Cash Action Figure Is Here!

Johnny Cash is the epitome of the American singer/songwriter. For nearly fifty years, Cash entertained people from all walks of life with his combination of energetic and melancholy songs. His love, patriotism, and redemption lyrics cemented his place as a legendary musician.
Now the Hall of Famer has a retro-styled action figure from Super7. The ReAction figure, styled after the toys of the 1980s, catches the singer’s likeness surprisingly well. This 3.75″ tall representation of The Man In Black is $18 and comes with a guitar. The blister card is a work of art featuring the man himself.


Super7’s latest ReAction figure pays tribute to The Man in Black, who’s relatively stripped-down, no-nonsense musical style entertained and inspired just about anyone who had the chance to hear it. Johnny Cash performed for prisoners and Presidents alike, and left an indelible impression on America and its music.

Cash isn’t the first music icon to get an action figure in Super7’s ReAction line. Click here to see the company’s line of music action figures. Here’s a rundown of some of the artists and characters you can find:

  • Grateful Dead’s Dancing Bears
  • Grateful Dead’s Bertha
  • Misfits’ Fiend
  • Rancid’s Skeletim
  • Notorious B.I.G.
  • Motorhead’s Lemmy
  • Iron Maiden’s Eddie
  • King Diamond
  • Ghost’s Papa Emeritus II
  • Slayer
  • Anthrax’s Among The Living Demon
  • Misfits’ Jerry Only

Now, can we get a Jerry Lee Lewis figure with a piano? Cousin to marry sold separately, of course. Where’s Ozzy? Of all the figures in music that deserve an action figure, that madman needs another one. He has had so many looks over his career. The potential for variants is neverending.

I’m surprised Elvis hasn’t been in the ReAction series yet. I’ve seen the King’s mug plastered all over everything; why not more action figures? What do you think of action figures being made of deceased celebrities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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