Nicolas Cage Thriller ‘Pig’ Gets A Trailer

With the Keanu Reeves character John Wick, it all started with a puppy. For Rob, an upcoming character played by Nicolas Cage, it is all about a pig.
In the upcoming revenge thriller ‘Pig,’ Cage plays a man who searches for truffles near his isolated home with a pet pig that he can summon with a whistle. When his animal companion goes missing, Rob has to go find it.
Check out the trailer:

The synopsis explains that Cage plays “a reclusive truffle hunter in Oregon whose prize hunting pig is kidnapped, forcing him to return to old stomping grounds in Portland and confront his past.”
According to Variety, ‘Pig’ is the directorial debut of Michael Sarnoski.
“What began as a very personal project has transformed into a labor of love for so many talented people,” Sarnoski told the outlet in September 2020. “I’m thrilled for us all to be bringing this strange world to life.”
Co-star Alex Wolff praised Nic Cage for his performance as Rob.
Nic is one of the most talented, brave, generous, influential, and inspired actors that’s ever been a part of any kind of cinema of any language or style,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “When someone’s work means more to your life than words can explain, it’s impossible to encapsulate what it means all in one answer [or] sentence.”
Wolff continued, “All I can say is that every day I leap out of bed and race to set to not only be graced with the sensitive, acrobatic talents of the Nicolas Cage as an actor, but also to be entertained and intellectually and spiritually nourished by my hilarious, deeply empathetic, close friend, Nic. In one sentence: It’s a f–ing joy working with him.”
‘Pig’ has been picked for domestic release by the film studio Neon and is slated for release on July 16, 2021.

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