‘Venom’ Writer Kelly Marcel To Direct The Next Sequel


The next Venom sequel officially has a director, and it’s someone quite familiar with the first two movies. Depending on how you felt about Let There Be Carnage, you’ll either be thrilled or disappointed to hear that Kelly Marcel will be directing Venom 3. Marcel previously had a screenplay credit on the first two films, and the upcoming sequel will mark her directorial debut next to Ferryman, also in pre-production. According to Deadline, Marcel will again work alongside Tom Hardy to craft the new script.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage had several issues. Woody Harrelson, who was the perfect choice for Cletus Kasady, felt stale, even though you can tell the actor was trying his best with the material he was given. Michelle Williams was there, but her character had nothing to do. Maybe she was contractually obligated to appear in the sequel, but her character of Anne Weying added nothing to the overall plot. Tom Hardy still brought his A-game, giving his version of Eddie Brock an air of strangeness that matches the situation he finds himself in.

Whether the shortcomings of Carnage were director Andy Serkis’s fault and how much of that burden fell on the script can be debated. Even the first Venom movie wasn’t a clever bit of cinema but delivered on the body horror front, and the dialog between Eddie and Venom was always entertaining. Is this enough to sustain a third film? Maybe if the villain is well executed, I guess.

Perhaps Marcel will bring a fresh take that makes good use of the symbiotic relationship between Eddie and his bloodthirsty passenger. Only time will tell. Who will be the next big bad, though? Scream, Phage, Agony, or Lasher? Or, take a chance and not pit Venom against yet another symbiote. Go all out and use The Jury and Knull in the same movie! They could even use this film to tie Venom further into the MCU with the Necrosword! Take a chance, ya’ll!

[Source: Deadline]

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