‘The Orville’ Season 4 is More Likely as The Series is One of Hulu’s Top Originals

Is this a good omen for fans of The Orville? A fourth season of The Orville seems much more likely since it’s been revealed that Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi series is one of Hulu’s most in-demand original series.

From The Wrap

The third season of “The Orville” was its first as a Hulu original. (Its first two seasons aired on Fox.) The demand for its third season was significantly higher than either of the two previous seasons, showing the importance of finding the right home for content. “The Orville” seems to have finally taken off as a Hulu original, which bodes well for future seasons of the show.

The Orville, which can best be described as a love letter to both classic Star Trek and TNG (with a sense of humor) has gained dedicated, growing fan following. However, critics savaged the first season, which premiered on Fox in 2017. The second season was infinitely better received (100% Fresh), but the series was still lost in the soup of linear television. A third season was in doubt, until Hulu greenlit New Horizons, which premiered earlier this year.

The chart below (courtesy Parrot Analytics) shows that demand for The Orville is “outstanding,” and that Only Murders in The Building edges it out slightly.  The other top series were animation, anime and Saturday Night Live.

The Orville is now also available on Disney+, in a move which series creator Seth MacFarlane calls “a game changer” in an interview with TVLine.

“My hope is that when the show drops on Disney+, the people who haven’t yet discovered [The Orville] will suddenly give it a chance,” MacFarlane said. “That’s a potential game changer for us.

“I think that creatively and audience-wise, when people sit down and give the show a chance, it upends their expectations,” he added. “The biggest burden with the show is preconceptions. People think it’s one thing — there are people out there who think it’s a sitcom —  and when they sit down to watch it they realize its something completely different. Once you get people’s eyeballs on it, the show does the work, its speaks for itself, and people tend to be hooked.”

Fans of The Orville have been pushing hard for a fourth season. MacFarlane said he absolutely wants to do it, but that there’s currently a 50:50 chance and that the situation is “tricky” given his increasingly busy schedule with other projects.

While the call is ultimately up to Disney, the early numbers for New Horizons are very encouraging indeed.

[Source: The Wrap]

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