Discotek To Release Two ‘Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior’ Anime Films

Discotek Media has announced that they will be releasing two OVA anime films from ‘Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior’ in a Blu-ray home video release. It will include both the original Japanese audio and the English dub of ‘Legend of Yuria’ and the ‘Legend of Toki.’

The film studio TMS Entertainment produced by both OVAs, though the Japanese animation studio A.P.P.P. helped with the animation of ‘Toki.’ ‘Yuria’ was released in 2007 and ‘Toki’ had its debut in 2008.

The Blu-ray DVDs will be released by Discotek Media on November 28, 2023, though it is currently available for pre-order on the Right Stuf Anime website.

They released an image of the box set:

Discotek explains that the ‘Legend of Yuria’ is about how “Love binds them together, even when abduction by a megalomaniacal conquerer keeps them apart! Yuria is a young orphan with a closed heart and the unwanted power of prophecy when her guardian, Dharma, takes her to the Hokuto temple where four brothers reside. There, she has a fateful encounter with Kenshiro. Several years later, Kenshiro, now the master of Hokuto Shinken, sets out on a journey with Yuria.”

They also describe the synopsis of the ‘Legend of Toki’ by saying, “The man who should have been master of Hokuto Shinken… Toki has the temperament and talent to become the next successor to Hokuto Shinken, but Sara, the doctor at the Hokuto temple, confides in the current master, Ryuken, telling him that Toki has a terminal disease and little time left to live. After much soul-searching, Ryuken chooses Kenshiro to be the inheritor instead, a decision Toki approves of. Now Toki has a different destiny.”

The series is based on the 1980s manga written by Yoshiyuki Okamura who went by the pen name Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara.

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