FaZe Clan Signs Stranger Things Actress and Sparks Controversy

The eSports company FaZe Clan is very popular among those who follow online gaming and streamers with large followings. However, the company has recently gone through a lot of turmoil from within following a series of controversies from its various high-profile members. The latest online controversy that FaZe Clan finds itself at the center of involves an actor turned streamer, as well as some of the clan’s founding members online. Instead of celebrating the addition of a new member, FaZe Clan finds themselves in the midst of an online mess.

Former Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien was announced as the latest addition to FaZe Clan on May 25th, with a short video that revealed her joining the group. Grace played Chrissy Cunningham on the popular Netflix show before moving away from acting in pursuit of a career in Twitch streaming. Since leaving the show, Grace had become a successful streamer on Twitch with a large following. In the FaZe Clan announcement video, Grace cited her love for gaming and affinity for streaming on the platform.

The response to the announcement of Grace joining FaZe Clan was met with a very volatile response, both from fans of FaZe and members of the group. Members like FaZe Rain started sharing reaction videos to the announcement and began criticizing the company’s decision to bring Grace on board.

FaZe Rain claimed that the group only brought Grace on board because she was part of Stranger Things and that she didn’t know how the eSports industry worked. “Once again Grace I heavily apologize that you’re kind of in the middle of this… You seem like a very nice innocent girl and I know you have like no part in this and you really don’t understand what’s going on this all outdates you, you have no idea… I just have to make my point, it’s true… I know what I’m talking about…”

Infighting between FaZe Clan members continued on social media with various Twitter threads between multiple members. Dexerto posted updates between multiple FaZe Clan members sharing their opinions on the matter as new Twitter posts and stream videos were made about the topic everyone was debating about. The official FaZe Clan account shared a list of influencers that supported the company’s decision to add Grace to their ranks, which then saw responses from multiple FaZe members further criticizing them.

Grace eventually got on her own stream and responded to the backlash and debate about her inclusion in the group. She commented on the reactions from fellow FaZe members and the backlash from them was uncalled for. “FaZe Rain said that the only reason I was signed by FaZe was because I was on Stranger Things… I’m sorry sir, were you in the meeting with us? Were you there? No, I’ve never fucking met you… That is absolutely not why I was signed…” The exchanges between everyone eventually got more and more personal, with comments from both sides getting more severe and, in the eyes of everyone watching, crossed lines.

While some of the members of FaZe issued apologies over the discourse between them, many looking at the drama unfold felt most of it was insincere. FaZe Clan as a company is no stranger to drama and controversy, as it’s been embroiled in many scandals and conflicts between personalities in the past. The company has also had financial troubles after trying to go public and being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange back in early 2023. Despite everything up to now, it doesn’t look like FaZe Clan will be in the clear of any drama involving them any time soon.

What do you think about the controversy surrounding Grace Van Dien joining FaZe Clan? Have you ever really cared about what went on with the company or any FaZe members? Share your thoughts about everything down below in the comment section!

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