This 2′ Tall Wolverine Statue Is Looking Pretty Mean, Bub!

Wolverine, the most iconic team member of the X-MEN, is getting his likeness made into a new 24″ tall statue by Premium Collectibles Studio. The from the blue and yellow costume to his indestructible adamantium claws, this Wolverine may be one of the representations of the character in collectible form.
The statue is made from polystone, but it is not stated if the claws are metallic or not. Wolverine can be purchased through Sideshow for $1,155, but it won’t ship out until November 2022 or January 2023.


Inspired by his appearance in the mobile game MARVEL Future Fight, the Wolverine 1:3 Scale Statue measures 24” tall and 19.75” wide as the fan-favorite X-Men hero leaps into battle to defend Xavier’s mansion from attackers, standing on the rubble of one of the destroyed fence columns surrounding the property. This statue is fully sculpted to recreate his Marvel Gamerverse appearance in a three-dimensional collectible format. His cowled portrait captures a ferocious shout as Wolverine bares his fangs. The mutant superhero is detailed with lifelike textures and realistic creasing across his blue, yellow, and black costume over a muscular physique. Additional accents like a weathered brown belt, battle-damaged shoulder armor, his shining silver claws, and hairy arms complete Logan’s signature look.

What struck me as odd was the description stating this is how Logan looks in Future Fight, a mobile game. Being unfamiliar with the game, I’d have just thought this was Wolverine as he appeared in the 1970s and 1990s. But, honestly, how would you know the difference?
I mentioned earlier the claws. Unfortunately, Wolverine’s blades are hit or miss regarding statues, action figures, and models. Sometimes they’re super brittle or way too bendy, leading to them drooping over time. The best kind is those that are made of metal, I’ve found.
The only change I’d made to this thing would be to give him a red belt instead of brown. He’s already sporting bright yellow and blue. So why not go all the way?
Unlike newer renditions of the Canadian mutant, his suit doesn’t have all the rivets, seams, scales, etc. Fortunate, that. For old-school Wolvie fans like myself, this return to a traditional-looking costume is most welcome.
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