LootCrate’s Exclusive TMNT Dark Turtle Figure Is Already $400 on eBay!

Figures.com gave us the good news and the bad news all at once. The good news was that LootCrate’s final TMNT crate would include this figure from NECA. The bad news? If you weren’t already subscribed, your only way of securing Donnie the Bat would be through the secondary market.
So, it’s off to eBay or the Facebook marketplace for you! This morning, I just learned about the LootCrate exclusive Batman-themed Donatello figure, and he is already going for $400+ on eBay. As someone who made a living buying and selling action figures on eBay, I was stunned at how high of an asking price this toy was going for.

He’s pretty cool looking for being part of NECA’s animated line of TMNT figures. Personally, I prefer the Playmates-inspired ones. The inclusion of the flexible fabric cape is a nice touch. He doesn’t appear to come with any other accessories, though.
If this character doesn’t look familiar, it’s because he had a one-time appearance in the ’87 Turtles cartoon. Donnie took up the mantle of “totally, not Batman, dude” and tried to take on the Shredder single-handed. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up well for the brainy reptile.

If you didn’t know, LootCrates are subscription services where a box of stuff arrives at your door monthly. The company offers several themed boxes aside from the general geeky one. Sometimes the stuff is cool, like Dark Turtle. Other times it is crap.
I subscribed to the standard crate a few months several years ago. I got some leftover advanced issue books, poorly fitting t-shirts, and nothing memorable. At the time, it felt like the stuff in these boxes was surplus junk from PR giftbags and promo items.
What are your thoughts on this exclusive? What about LootCrates? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Figures.com]

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