‘Werewolves Within’ Actor Sam Richardson Talks Playing The Nice Guy In The Horror Comedy

Josh Ruben’s new horror-comedy ‘Werewolves Within’ stars ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ actor Sam Richardson as a “nice guy” police officer trying to protect his town from an outbreak of lycanthrope, creating murderous werewolves.
Speaking to Inverse, Richardson opened up about playing the “nice guy” and how those roles do very little for survival in horror films.
“I like to play characters who are nice. The spectrum of niceness is oftentimes overlooked,” he explained. “You have your spectrum of evil. This guy is a mean guy, this guy is an asshole, this guy is a villain, this guy is a murderer — all of those things. And then there’s just this guy’s nice.”
“There are so many different layers and levels and complexities of being nice,” Richardson said. “What is the price of being nice? That’s the thing I felt this character and this movie deals with.”
“I think it was the personalities of the characters being genres unto themselves,” he continued. “…and then mixing them together with the proper alchemy of comedy made this a slam dunk.”
“The humor saves it from taking itself too seriously at some points, but then the stakes of it stop it from being too silly,” Richardson adds. “I was confident in myself to navigate and play those energies in that sweet spot as a nice character, and I feel I’m pretty proficient at comedy to juggle that energy and be that conduit.”
Richard also shared his thoughts on taking the role of a video game character.
“I hadn’t played the video game before, but I am a huge fan of the game Werewolf, and Mafia, and those sorts of deductive reasoning party group whodunit games,” he says. “So the idea of a movie that was very much like a Clue-esque, sort of Knives Out, sort of Hot Fuzz kind of take on it was very exciting to me.”
‘Werewolves Within’ is based on the titular video game made by Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft.  It will be released on June 16, 2021. Watch out the trailer below:

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