Leak Reveals an ‘Alan Wake’ Remaster Is Coming to PS5 And XBOX

It has been eleven years since Remedy’s survival horror game Alan Wake made its debut on XBOX 360. Then, after a couple of expansions and a spin-off, the series went quiet. Now, out of nowhere, it was discovered that a remaster may be on the way.
The info was spotted by Wario64 on the Taiwanese branch of the Japanese retail website Rakuten. Microsoft’s exclusivity rights to Alan Wake ran out a few years ago. So, seeing the title pop up for a Sony console isn’t strange. What is weird is why remaster it?

Alan Wake was released in 2010 after several years of hype. I remember the first tech demo of the game showing off the lighting engine and massive landscapes. After that, however, the scale of the game’s world was dramatically cut down, leaving players with a strictly linear game.
The game ended up being even more narrow than the previous Max Payne games Remedy had produced. However, there was still a lot of suspense and enjoyability in the survival horror title. Unfortunately, for some of us, the problem was that this is not the game we were sold on for several years.
Narratively the game was fine. The mechanic of using a powerful flashlight to weaken enemies while also trying to conserve batteries was a welcome challenge. The number of moments when I’d survive by the skin of my teeth were many. So many great small moments, but never enough time to explore the vast world you were dropped into.
The spinoff Alan Wake’s American Nightmare solved some of these problems, but it was a far shorter game made for the XBOX 360’s ‘Arcade’ division of games. Nevertheless, it was a solid title and delivered in areas the first game did not. Hopefully, it and the two expansions to the first Alan Wake are included in this remaster.
What are your thoughts on Remedy’s Alan Wake series? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Wario64]

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