Netflix Introduces Official Anime Brand Ambassador

Over the years, Netflix has been investing in anime content for their streaming platform. Some of the Netflix-exclusive animes are Seven Deadly Sins, Violet Evergarden, Agretsuko, Little Witch Academia, and Carole & Tuesday. Netflix aims to be a big player in the anime industry. And they now have taken another step forward to get into the Virtual YouTuber scene with an official “anime brand ambassador”.

Meet sheep-human lifeform N-Ko Mei Kurono. Her name, Mei, resembles the sounds a sheep makes. The character design of N-Ko pays homage to Netflix, even within her name. The ‘N’ signifies ‘Netflix’. The black Netflix ‘N’ hairpin with red stripes throughout her hair. Along with the red N’s running down her dress. The posters in her room being of shows the company streams like Beastars and Agretsuko. N-ko is 24 years old, with her birthday being August 29th. She is 162cm, which is about 5 ft 3 in. Her hometown is in Los Gatos, CA, which happens to be where the Netflix global headquarters is located.

Source Photo: Oricon

In the video, she says her hobbies are singing, dancing, massage, and of course, watching lots of anime. Her dislikes are writing in kanji and anything that contains horror type content. The actress who voices her is an anonymous California-raised Netflix employee. She can speak both Japanese and English. N-ko’s “mother” is listed as 2D illustrator Fubuki, while her “father” is 3-D creator Tumidango

She says she will be talking about anime content that is on Netflix and recommending them. N-ko also plans to collaborate with other VTubers to sing songs and do video game commentaries.

First introduction of N-ko:

These videos have ten different subtitles, which are Brazilian Portuguese, traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. Episodes begins airing this Friday, April 30th, 10 am Japan time, 9 pm est (Japan is 13 hours ahead of est).

N-ko the Ambassador:

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