Derek Kolstad’s ‘Streets Of Rage’ Is Now In Lionsgate’s Hands


Derek Kolstad’s script for an adaptation of SEGA’s Streets of Rage is now officially in the hands of Lionsgate. According to Deadline, the man behind the John Wick franchise will also act as a producer for the project. d2j Entertainment, the production company behind the two Sonic films and several other upcoming video game adaptations, is still on board, too.

According to Collider, the word of Kolstad’s Streets of Rage project first surfaced in April of this year. Which sequel or version of the game he is turning into a script isn’t known yet. Will we see Roo the Kangaroo? Probably not until a post-credit scene, I bet. We probably won’t see the flamboyant Ash either, sadly. If the main cast boils down to Skate, Blaze, and Axel, that would be fine by me, but which SoR should be told?

The original trilogy (’91-’94) of Streets of Rage games had a straightforward story peppered with memorable heroes and villains. Ex-cops fight against a crime syndicate. Nothing mindblowing, but it hits all the right notes that several action films followed in the 1980s. But even such simple premises can go very wrong, as we saw in James Yukich’s 1994 Double Dragon movie.

If Kolstad wants to see SoR turn into a franchise like John Wick, then we’ll probably be following the first three games from the Genesis days. They follow a lot of the action movie tropes and are cohesive enough to form a three-movie arc. Even though the first game’s plot is pretty simple, the over-the-top action and characters would more than make up for it. Of course, the critical thing is finding the right person to play Mr. X. d2j would need to cast someone physically intimidating, but who would fit the bill? Let us know your thoughts below.

[Source: Deadline] [Source: Collider]

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