Warm Up This Winter With Dissectibles Summer Vacation Minions

Cold? Yeah, this December was a right pain. But, do you know what would make everything better? Minions. Seriously. If you can’t be in a sunny climate like I am, the next best thing is to buy Summer vacation-themed Minions figures from Mighty Jaxx.

Artist Jason Freeny designed these new Dissectibles figures. We last covered his art style when the Garfield Dissectibles were announced last December. This guy really likes skeletons, and it sells because a lot of his designs are sold out.

Series 1 features the following characters:

  • King Bob
  • Evil minion
  • Hula Dave
  • Vacation Phil
  • Fruit Hat Stuart
  • DJ Carl
  • Beach Party Jerry

A single box containing (1) Minion figure is $12.99. A whole tray consisting of (6) boxes is 74.99. Since these are blind boxes, who knows how many you’ll need to buy before collecting the entire set? If you want to roll those dice, head on over to Mighty Jaxx’s storefront and get ordering.

Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx
Photo Credit: Mighty Jaxx


“It’s vacay time for our favorite yellow henchmen and they’re ready to party by the beach! Carl’s got the music, Jerry’s got the balloons, and Dave… is just being Dave. But wait, the party’s been infiltrated by Evil Minion! It’s a good thing Phil and Stuart are ready to distract him with Cola and fruits. And while all this is going on, ultra-rare King Bob himself is just rolling in laughter at the side!

If you forgot to buy that one aunt a Minions gift for Christmas, now’s the time. You know the person I’m talking about. That relative who constantly posts cringy Minions memes non-stop like it’s 2016. Maybe that will satiate the desire to unfriend or block them.

[Source: Mighty Jaxx]

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