This Modernized Casey Jones Statue Is Ready To Trash Criminal Scum

Casey Jones is the greatest non-mutant ever to grace the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles roster, charging headfirst into a fight as he yells his nonsensical battle cry. Everything improved when he was around, whether it was the original, brutal version in the Mirage Comics or the comically unhinged Jones we saw in the 1987 cartoon.
Iron Studios has put a slightly modern spin on the sportswear-obsessed vigilante with this newest BDS Art Scale statue. Casey Jones comes equipped with his usual assortment of weaponry, including a golf bag full of clubs and bats. His signature mask and left shoulder pad are present, but now he’s got some additional protection below the waist.
Casey can be pre-ordered for $31.99. The total cost to bring home this statue will be $159.99. However, the release date isn’t until the second quarter of 2023.
Iron Studios

Iron Studios
Iron Studios

Ferocious and moody, the urban vigilante with long hair, patrols the alleys and streets of New York City, hiding his identity with a Hockey mask, he wields his hockey stick, preparing himself to hit two hockey pucks in an offensive strike against his opponents. Carrying a golf bag on his back with golf clubs to be used as combat weapons, the warrior ally of the Mutant Ninja Turtles uses cycling gloves and other sports protective equipment over his casual clothes as a combat suit to impose his rough and intimidating looks and personality into his enemies. Over a pedestal of a diorama set reflecting his territory, with old rusty pipes, broken bricks and a trash can with launched shuriken stars from his ninja rivals of the Foot Clan, Iron Studios present the statue “Casey Jones BDS – TMNT – Art Scale 1/10”, with the anti-hero holding his club with the name “Eastman” printed as a brand, a tribute from Iron Studios to his creator on the comics.

What do you think of this statue? Let us know below.
[Source: Iron Studios]

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