The Unaired ‘Star Wars: Detours’ Coming To Disney+?

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich struck gold with Robot Chicken all those years ago. Even today, I prefer to watch them lampoon ‘Star Wars’ rather than sitting through the sequel trilogy. Can the same be said for their unaired ‘Star Wars: Detours’ project from 2012?
By now, you’ve probably seen clips of the forgotten CGI parody floating around YouTube. Some of the Green and Senreich tropes are there. Overly confident Boba Fett and awkward Vader moments abound. Depending on your personal taste, ‘Detours’ could be considered comedy. I’m a fan of ‘Robot Chicken’, but the charm is in the stop motion. That same type of comedy just doesn’t hit when carried via CGI. Especially CGI that looks nearly two decades old.
The general public, at least Disney+ subscribers anyway, maybe finding that out soon. We Got This Covered is reporting that the “forgotten” is on the way. Apparently, on May 4th, all 39 episodes will premiere. The trailer that premiered so many years ago is below.

Making a judgment call on this show based on that trailer isn’t easy. Some of it feels quite dated, both in the humor and the animation. Stopmotion ‘Star Wars’ is often hilarious when coming from Green and his team. Here it feels like a try-hard effort. George Lucas was involved, apparently. If we’re talking Lucas with a “Prequels” mindset … God help us.
Now, there is a leaked episode out there, but I’m not gonna take the liability to link it. It’s not hard to find, though. Just type in the magic words, and you’ll be blessed with this mess. Beware, the cringe factor may be too much for some. Keep those sickbags on standby.
What are your thoughts on ‘Star Wars: Detours’? Should it be left unaired? Let us know in the comments.

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