Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Multiplayer Officially Lives Again!


In the early days of XBOX Live, there was one game that my friends and I would play nearly every evening: Wolfenstein multiplayer. Although not quite what PC players had with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the XBOX multiplayer mode came with the console’s version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was fantastic. However, I don’t remember completing the single-player campaign because the online aspect was so damn good. Eventually, the servers were shut down, and we all had to move on. However, on PC, the community stayed alive through private servers.

It was a lonesome road for those looking for official servers until this Summer when Microsoft and Bethesda announced that the Enemy Territory was back online! According to PC Mag, Bethesda updated players on the status of the dedicated server this week, saying:

We’re excited to announce that we’ve deployed official dedicated servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Though the community has hosted – and continues to host – servers with a variety of mods and custom maps that we highly recommend, we also understand that many players are looking for a more nostalgic experience. So, starting now, you’ll be able to find official servers running the vanilla Enemy Territory Campaign ruleset, with all six original maps and no mods! We’ve set up servers across multiple territories to better ensure players from around the world can play with relatively low ping.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is still free-to-play thanks to Steam, and there are currently hosted on four dedicated servers spread over the globe, namely in Texas, the Netherlands, Australia, and London. The game isn’t fully back to its glory days, but it’s better than winding up on an empty server with someone who has modded the game into an unplayable state. The game as it stands now is limited to the following settings and types:

  • Game Type: Campaign
  • Maximum Players: 16 (8v8)
  • Friendly Fire: Yes
  • Punkbuster: No
  • Anti-Lag: Yes
  • Max Lives: Off
  • Weapon Restriction: Off

Did you play Enemy Territory back in the day? Will you pick it up now? Let us know below.

[Source: PC Gamer]
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