AM Studios ‘Zip Shimezo’ Is Now Available on Amazon Prime

Anime Matsuri’s first anime Zip Shimezo has recently become available Amazon Prime. Last year, Anime Matsuri had announced a new dubbing studio with two anime specials as their first English dubbed animes, which were Zip Shimezo and Genbanojo. Both animes are from Nippon Animation.

Here is the summary of the 23 minute anime:
A young boy and an unsuccessful zipper spirit become frustrated with their home life and decide to leave home together. The young boy’s little sister tags along for the adventure, but what awaits them ahead?

On Monday July 10th, voice actor and ADR director Vic Mignogna posted a video of himself announcing the news of Zip Shimezo being available on Amazon Prime.

In the video, Vic Mignogna says, “Last year, AM Studios, a brand new dubbing studio that we’re getting started from the ground floor, associated with Anime Matsuri… Last year we premiered two short films. Well I’m very very excited to tell you that Zip Shimezo is now on Amazon Prime. It’s available for rent or purchase. And I would love to ask all of you please, to go, rent it, or purchase it and help support AM Studios.”

Mignogna continues, “We’ve got a lot of really cool licenses lined up. Good things are happening and you guys have been so kind and so supportive and encouraging. And a lot of people have been writing and asking ‘when’s the new Studio gonna get going and what’s next for you guys? And how can we help?’ Well this is how you can help. You can help by checking out, renting or buying Zip Shimezo… on Amazon Prime. Spread the word. Put it on your social media. Share the news with people. It’s such an endearing, funny, adorable, beautiful little short film that I know you’ll love.”

Vic Mignogna ends his video with, “There are a lot of exciting things coming for Anime Matsuri and AM Studios. So please, please support and help us out, help get this new studio off the ground by checking out Zip Shimezo on Amazon Prime and thank you so very much.”

To view the entire video, see this tweet:

The 17th annual Anime Matsuri 2023 convention will be held on August 10-13 in Houston, Texas. Click here to go to their main website for more information if you are interested in attending.

Click here to view the official Zip Shimezo Amazon Prime listing. As of right now it is not available in Canada, but hopefully it will be soon!

What do you think of the anime Short going to Amazon Prime? Are you going to watch it? What do you think will be AM Studios next anime to get a dub? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know your thoughts!

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