Mondo’s Latest Vinyl: Viewtiful Joe 2, Animal Crossing, Fantasy Zone!

Mondo has just put up a trio of video game vinyl soundtracks. Capcom’s sadly neglected Viewtiful Joe 2 joins Animal Crossing and SEGA’s classic shooter Fantasy Zone.

Viewtiful Joe 2 comes on two LPs and is pressed in a translucent red, blue, and black vinyl, featuring 39 tracks from composers Masami Ueda and Sayaka Morita. The cover art is by Drew Wise, who also did LP covers for the Persona series.

One of the most exciting inclusions here is Fantasy Zone because it marks the first time the vinyl has been released outside of Japan (officially, anyway). The trippy shooter was one of my first SEGA Master System games growing up. Attempting to keep Opa-Opa alive while also managing money and weapons were challenging, and Hiroshi Kawaguchi’s score gets stuck in my head occasionally.

Mondo, sadly, does not give us images of the Animal Crossing or Fantasy Zone LPs. However, we know that Fantasy Zone’s LP “is pressed on 180g opaque pink vinyl, with audio sourced from the original arcade machine.” The classic arcade game’s soundtrack includes a live medley by SEGA Sound Unit [H.].

From what I’ve seen elsewhere, the Animal Crossing: Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection LP is a simple black vinyl. There’s a video of it below.

Viewtiful Joe 2 is a Mondo Exclusive and is going for $45. Fantasy Zone is only $30 while the Animal Crossing selection is a pricy $80.

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Image Credit: Mondo
Image Credit: Mondo

Here’s the tracklist for both Viewtiful Joe 2 LPs:

Side A

  1. Grand Opening
  2. Trailer
  3. There’s More to the Story
  4. GM01 – Title Call
  5. Ten Million Years BC
  6. GM02 – Intermediate
  7. GM03 – Powerful Enemies
  8. GM04 – Presentiment
  9. EV01 – Boss
  10. Drill Sergeant
  11. Viewtiful Heroes and the Statue

Side B

  1. Railroad Battle
  2. Ancient Guardian
  3. Memories of an Invincible Monster
  4. Cyber Phantom
  5. Thunder Boy Lives Twice
  6. EV02 – Black Film
  7. Underworld Emperor
  8. Concession Stand

Side C

  1. Ice Edge
  2. Blizzard Hazzard
  3. Mad Scientist
  4. EV03 – Do Androids Dream of Roman
  5. EV04 – Cimmerian Planet
  6. Starship Viewties
  7. EV05 – Emperor of Gedow
  8. EV06 – Dark Kaiser
  9. EV07 – Six Six Majin

Side D

  1. Ultra Black Behemoth
  2. EV08 – Happy Ending
  3. EV09 – Tenshin!
  4. EV10 – Viewtiful Award
  5. Dark Hero
  6. EV-11 – Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby!
  7. True Heroes!
  8. EV-12 – The Truth
  9. Happy Ending
  10. Clover Harvest
  11. The 36th Chamber of Viewtiful
  12. That’s a rap!
Image Credit: Mondo

The Animal Crossing record consists of 19 tracks; check them out:

Side A

  1. KEKE Idol
  2. Eurobeat
  3. Drum ‘n Bass
  4. Urban keke
  5. KEKEhop
  7. KEKE disco
  8. KEKE break
  9. KEKE groove
  10. KEKE Lloyd

Side B

  1. Chillwave
  2. KEKE Tronica
  3. KEKE Dub
  6. DRIVE
  7. KEKE bossa
  8. Minna Atsumare
  9. Hazuri 02 -City & Pop Ver.- [Bonus Track]

Image Credit: Mondo

Although Mondo did not include a tracklist on Fantasy Zone’s product page, I grabbed one from Black Screen Records. See below:

01. Credit
02. Start – Opa Opa!
03. Boss
04. Keep on the Beat
05. Saari
06. Prome
07. Hot Snow
08. Don’t Stop
09. Dreaming Tomorrow
10. Shop
11. Defeat (Round Up)
12. Ya-Da-Yo
13. Victory Way
14. Miss (Game Over)
15. Hot Snow (Overseas Version)
16. Fantasy Zone Medley (SEGA Sound Unit [H.] Arranged Version)


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