A Statue of Jack Kirby’s Classic Doctor Doom Coming Soon!

Even though Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s most unique and intriguing characters, we’ve yet to see him properly brought to life on the big screen. With the Fantastic Four joining the MCU soon, let’s hope the ruler of Latveria doesn’t end up like his 2015 counterpart. In the meantime, we can always fill that void with Doctor Doom collectibles!

This Dr. Doom statue is part of the aptly named Heritage Collection from Semic Studio. As you can tell, Victor’s likeness is based on the classic 1960s design that originated from the legendary Jack Kirby. That look comes in the form of a wide mask with prominent features (like the triangular nose and wide grimace) and, of course, the signature green cloak and gun holster on his belt.

Size-wise, the polystone statue isn’t as tall as I was expecting. Rather than being 12″ tall, Victor Von Doom only stands at 10.23″ in height based on the specs seen at the Big Bad Toy Store. So yeah, if you want to own this guy and live in the States, then the BBTS will be your best option since Semic Studio is based overseas.

Dr. Doom will run you $359.99 and is slated to arrive during the third quarter of 2023. The statue will be part of a minimal run of only 399 copies. Each one is handpainted by Daniel Moreira, and Alban Ficat did the original sculpt.

Photo Credit: Semic Studio
Photo Credit: Semic Studio
Photo Credit: Semic Studio
Photo Credit: Semic Studio
Photo Credit: Semic Studio
Photo Credit: Semic Studio

I’m unfamiliar with Semic Studio, so I cannot tell you much about the quality of their products. However, considering Dr. Doom is on the pricier side when it comes to collectibles on the same scale, I’d hope he’s a quality product.

If you want to see Doom’s sculpture being done, check out Ficat’s Instagram page. We’ll link a few of the images from his posts below.


[Source: Semic Studio] [Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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