The Classic PAC-MAN Arcade Cabinet Joins LEGO’s Icons Series

LEGO is once again tempting those of us nostalgic for the early 1980s. This time the Icons line is targeting the classic power pellet munching PAC-MAN. LEGO has recreated PAC-MAN’s legendary yellow arcade cabinet, kind of.

Looking more like an Aracade1UP counter-cade than the full-size cabinet, LEGO still managed to hit all the hallmarks of Namco’s maze chaser. Regardless, the 2,651-piece kit should make for a great display piece. It stands 13″ tall, 10″ wide, and 7″ deep.


Although LEGO insists the cabinet replica isn’t functional, that isn’t exactly true. Much like the Nintendo Entertainment System kit LEGO released a few years ago, the PAC-MAN cabinet does recreate the arcade experience in a very rudimentary way.

PAC-MAN and the ghosts navigate the maze via a pre-set path operated by a crank on the cabinet’s right side, similar to how Mario runs around World 1-1 in his LEGO-ized version. The crank action also scrolls the scoreboard. The coin slot is also illuminated with a light brink that is activated when the Player 1 button is pressed.

Additionally, larger versions of PAC-MAN and two ghosts sit on top of the cabinet. By rotating the characters, you can choose whether the ghosts are chasing PAC-MAN or if he’s chasing them.

Altogether, this is a pretty nice kit, but that price … oof. You could buy an Arcade1Up PAC-MAN cabinet for that price (probably used, but still).

LEGO’s previous entry into the retro video game space was with the equally pricey ATARI 2600 kit. That one can still be found in stores, but I have a feeling the PAC-MAN cabinet will sell a little better.

What are your thoughts on these nostalgic games getting the LEGO brick treatment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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