Funimation Streams ‘Witchblade’ And Other Gonzo Anime For Free On YouTube

Funimation is streaming three fan-favorite anime to their YouTube channel for free through November 2021. Partnering with the Japanese anime studio Gonzo, they are bringing ‘Witchblade,’ ‘Burst Angel,’ and ‘Ragnarok: The Animation’ to streaming where viewers can enjoy them for a limited run.
“Gotta love the classics. In partnership with Gonzo, Funimation has announced that it’s bringing three classic anime series to its official YouTube channel, completely free, for a limited time,” Funimation writes on their website. “Starting September 2 through November 30, Funimation is adding Ragnarok: The Animation (in HD for the first time!), Burst Angel and Witchblade with English subtitles to its YouTube channel in the United States and Canada. So plan your schedules accordingly!”
They add, “If you’re a longtime anime fan, these series might be familiar, but whether you’re returning to a classic or checking out something for the first time, this batch of 70+ anime episodes is the perfect place to start.”

They give a quick “run-down” of each anime.
‘Witchblade’ is a 2006 series that follows “Masane Amaha, a kindhearted, well-intentioned woman who is clumsy and awkward around the house. Having lost her memory during the Great Quake which ravaged Tokyo, Masane was found uninjured at the quake’s ground zero with a baby in her arms. Six years later she returns to Tokyo with the child (whom she believes is her daughter), intending to live a peaceful life. Masane becomes entangled in a power struggle between a large corporation and a government agency, and discovers that a mysterious bracelet on her right wrist is the legendary Witchblade.” It is based on a Top Cow comic.
“‘Burst Angel’ follows Jo, Sei, Amy and Meg as they fight against corruption and twisted science to bring hope back to their bleak world. The citizens of their desperate city needed a hero and got four angels instead. Can these girls on fire take on the biggest fight of their lives? You’ll have to watch all 24 episodes to find out.”
“‘Ragnarok: The Animation’ is based on a ’00s MMORPG of the same name. The fantasy anime is all about good versus evil, and follows our hero Yufa, as he travels the land with his companions, taking on monsters, magic and a date with destiny. All 26 episodes of the series will be available to watch on YouTube for the first time in HD!”

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