Sentai Announces April 2023 Anime Home Video Release Slate

Sentai Filmworks is bringing four new hit anime series to blu-ray for a home video release. From survival dramas to sci-fi to magic to quirky comedy, fans are going to receive three titles with English dubs while one will be available in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles. All of these anime are available on the HiDive streaming service.

They revealed their list on the Sentai website:


Available on April 25, 2023, “The nightmare descends on Tokyo’s prestigious Ginza shopping district without warning as a dimensional gateway opens, unleashing an army of monsters and armored men upon the panicking crowds! One man, though, is slightly better prepared than anyone else: Yoji Itami, a Defense Force reservist and a rabid comic and sci-fi fan who’s seen this scenario played out in countless fantasies. That’s just enough edge to help rally the police and first responders, turning back the invasion! And for his quick actions, he’s rewarded with a promotion, restoration to active duty, and thrown right back into the fire with the vanguard team charged with exploring beyond the portal! But even as he’s facing off against elves, beast men, and other fantastic creatures, the worst danger of all is lurking behind him, on the human side of the GATE!”

Ya Boy Kongming!

Released on April 18, 2025, ” In the year 234, a dying Zhuge Kongming’s thoughts wander over his life as one of China’s greatest military strategists and statesmen, wondering what might have been had he been born in less turbulent times. Inexplicably, Kongming finds himself in a younger body in a very strange land! But why has a master of feudal diplomacy and the art of war been brought to modern Japan? He seems overqualified for flipping burgers, but then destiny calls in the entrancing voice of aspiring singer Eiko Tsukimi. Learning of her troubles in becoming a professional, Kongming’s quest is secured: applying his formidable craft, intellect, and bag of ancient Chinese secrets to the task of making Eiko a star! Pity now the executives of the Japanese music industry, for they are but mere men, and they face the promotional assault of a legend reborn: YA BOY KONGMING”

To Love Ru

Available for purchase on April 11, 2023, “Statistically, bathrooms are the room where accidents are most likely to occur, but even so, who could ever anticipate the odds of an alien princess splashing down from space while you’re in the bathtub? Yet, as astronomically small as the chances are, that’s exactly where Rito Yuki is, rub-a-dub-dubbing and thinking of the girl he secretly adores, when the alignment of the planets, a slight misunderstanding of intergalactic etiquette, and an unfortunate placement of hands all combine to change the course of interstellar history! Because now Rito is married to the very sexy but also devil-tailed Princess Lala of Planet Deviluke, and rival suitors, rogue assassins, and Lala’s even more devilish royal father are only the first of the many titanic trials this literally star-crossed young couple will have to face in this astounding multi-series complete collection of TO LOVE RU!”

Fantasista Dolls

Coming April 4, 2023, “At the age of 14, Uzume Uno is an excellent card player who has already won a major tournament. Perhaps that’s why fate has chosen to deliver a very special deck of cards to Uzume’s hands; a deck that can summon, equip and control five artificial warriors known as Fantasista Dolls! And this is not a game played for fun against other masters. There is a great danger approaching that only the Fantasistas can deal with, a danger that threatens the Earth and everyone on it. And Uzume is far from ready to play her part. Now she must push herself to the utmost, honing her skills and abilities to their sharpest edge, even as other Card Masters challenge for dominance. Because this magical card game is all too real, and she’s playing for our future in FANTASISTA DOLL!”

‘Fantasista Dolls’ is only available in Japanese though English subtitles will be available as well.


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