Make It ‘Big’ With New Wave Toys’ Zoltar Replica

Hey! You wanna be big? I mean BIG. Then get yourself a Zoltar machine. Oh, and a gym membership. Also, lots of protein and a nutritionist. What? You thought a robotic fortune teller would make you an Adonis, like me, magically? Pish.

However, if you do want to make a wish but don’t have a full-size Zoltar in a cabinet, you’re in luck because New Wave Toys has announced their latest 1/6 scale replica is none other than the legendary fortune teller!

Sadly, this Zoltar is based on the type typically seen at arcades and carnivals rather than the version appearing in BIG. It would not be easy to replicate the coin ramp mechanic on a 1/6 scale; I get it. Regardless of it not being that Zoltar, the replica does have all the hallmarks of the familiar machine. Zoltar’s head, mouth, eyes, and hands move. The crystal ball lights up. He speaks. And New Wave has added a feature not found in their previous scaled-down cabinets.

Unlike New Wave’s previous 1/6 scale arcade machine replicas, Zoltar will work if you insert the included mini-coins. Not only that, but the mystical teller will also dole out fortune cards, just like the full-size version! Thankfully, New Wave Toys understands that Zoltar doesn’t have the same replayability of an arcade cabinet like Dragon’s Lair or 1942. So, they’ve priced this guy at $99.99.

The Zoltars are expected to arrive sometime during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Photo Credit: New Wave Toys
Photo Credit: New Wave Toys
Photo Credit: New Wave Toys
Photo Credit: New Wave Toys
Photo Credit: New Wave Toys

Although it is still a work in progress, New Wave Toys is aiming at the Zoltar replica having the following features:

  • Accurate Replica of Deluxe Zoltar Speaks in 1/6 Scale (12.2in tall)
  • Fully Animated Head, Eyes, Talking & Arm
  • Mini-Coin Operated & Free Play Button Activated
  • Speaks All 16x Recorded Messages
  • Fortune Card Dispenser  with All  55x Fortunes Included
  • Attract Mode
  • Hand Painted & Quality Built with Premium Materials
  • Reproduction LED Cabinet Lighting Featuring Multi Color Changing Ball
  • Mini Faux Power Cord
  • Collector Quality Packaging  & Unboxing
  • Officially licensed by Characters Unlimited
  • 100-Day New Wave Factory Warranty
  • (1) USB-C power cable
  • (55) Mini Zoltar Fortune Cards
  • (8) Mini Metal Arcade Tokens

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