Apple Watch? Nah. Give Me A ‘Rocketeer’ Watch!


A worthy sequel to Touchstone Pictures’ 1991 film adaptation of The Rocketeer may never come to pass. But, thankfully, Cliff Secord’s adventures as the rocket-propelled hero continued with more comic books and, oddly enough, fashion accessories.

When someone asked me this week if I wanted a Rocketeer watch, I thought they meant an item that came out when the film was released. That would be cool because Disney didn’t merchandise the hell out of the movie as it should have. As an 11-year-old coming straight out of the movie theatre, I wanted a jet pack, a helmet, or even a Kenner action figure. Sadly, all we could find were comics, t-shirts, and coloring books. We finally got action figures two decades later, thanks to Funko, Medicom, and MEGO.

I was surprised when I was told this was a new piece of Rocketeer gear.


The watch, from okkto, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Dave Stevens’s creation. The hero first appeared in Starslayer #2 in 1982. It’s surprising how accurately Disney translated the character’s iconic look to the big screen. The only thing that changed aesthetically was the jet pack. This watch incorporates the original design, Kit’s leather brass-button jacket, and the red ignition button. The standard edition of the watch is $150 and will be released during the second quarter of 2023.


The Limited Edition watch is mostly the same but features a bullseye etching on the back of the watch rather than the jet pack and a 1.75″ diameter coin. Only 400 pieces of this version will be made, and is priced at $175 each.


We wanted to create something extra special for The Rocketeer’s 40th Anniversary – introducing The Rocketeer Watch! We took all our cues from Dave Stevens’ iconic character design to produce something special and unique. This officially licensed, limited edition watch is available in two versions.

Regular Edition

  • The Rocketeer Watch
  • ‘Rocket-Pack’ etched caseback with Dave’s initials
  • Premium Gold Foil Gift Box

Limited Edition Set

  • The Rocketeer Watch
  • Exclusive ‘Target’ etched caseback
  • Exclusive 1.75″ ‘Target’ Collectible Coin
  • Premium Gold Foil Gift Box
  • Limited Edition of 400

Yes, I know the Rocketeer had a terrible, kid-friendly cartoon revival a few years ago. Don’t remind me. There’s a reason that it only lasted one season.

[Source: okkto]
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