Optimus Prime Is Now A Canon DLSR Camera. Sure. Why not?

You know what? I actually like it. For years I’ve had several variations of Prime as different trucks, but seeing him as a pretty accurate replica of a Canon DSLR camera is unique. The hallmarks of Optimus Prime are still there, with hints of G1 and a little of Armada present. The only weird bit is that the body of the lens turns into a backpack rather than being integrated in some other way. Including the Matrix of Leadership into the lens’s glass is weird.

The robot mode may have its faults, but the disguise mode is impressive. I, too, own this type of Canon DSLR, and nearly all of the small details are there. Even when the lens is removed, Takara Tomy included the lens mount, lock pins, contacts, and the window where the mirror would typically be housed.

For a unique, one-off Transformer, it’s fantastic. But is it $169.99 excellent? That’s the pre-order price right now at the Big Bad Toy Store. It’s a tough call. As a Prime and Canon cameras fan, it’s really tugging at my collector’s side. That price is a bit too much, though. The other negative is that this isn’t a 1:1 replica of the DSLR; it is at an 80% scale. If it were full size, parting with $170 would be a bit easier. Weird, I know.

Canon Prime will be out in February 2023.



Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy
Takara Tomy


This version of Optimus Prime comes with the following:

  • Optimus Prime body
  • R5/RF lens
  • Matrix
  • EOS R5 Handheld
  • Lens shield
  • Instruction manual

What do you think of Optimus Prime disguising himself as a consumer-grade camera? Will the price point be an issue? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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