Donatello Is The Invisible Man … Err … Turtle

The final Turtle has been revealed in NECA’s TMNT X Universal Monsters toy line! We knew for a while that Donatello would be taking on the role of the Invisible Man, but we had little to go on. It turns out that the figure is coming with fewer accessories than I had expected.

The 7″ tall figure does come with the expected bandaged appendages, but there’s no “invisible” head. There’s not even one that lets you recreate the scene from the classic film where Dr. Jack Griffin tears off the gauze to show that nothing is hiding beneath. Instead, his shell is translucent, and a couple of pieces of pizza float around there. Is that where turtles digest their food? Maybe it’s storage like the Igor Leo figure? Unfortunately, the pictures don’t clarify this.

Donnie comes with the following accessories:

  • Interchangeable bandaged heads
  • Interchangeable translucent hands and feet
  • Microscope
  • Bo staff
  • TGRI journal
  • Glass,
  • Hat

Donatello will miss Halloween and is slated to show up in April 2023. He can be pre-ordered now through Entertainment Earth.



Universal’s The Invisible Man is based on H. G. Wells’s 1897 story of the same name. The film debuted in 1933 and featured Claude Rains as Dr. Jack Griffin. The movie showed off some impressive visual effects for the time. This figure also marks the last of the four main Turtles to get the Universal Monsters treatment.

So, which character from TMNT will be next? Casey Jones is yet to show up. Maybe he’ll be Victor Von Frankenstein since April got to be the Bride? Shredder certainly needs to appear since no TMNT baddies have shown up yet. My money is still on Shredder being Dracula. Not only is that one of Universal’s most recognizable monster films, but it makes perfect sense as Splinter is Van Helsing.

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