Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield Calls Leaked ‘No Way Home’ Photos Of Him A “Photoshop”

Former Spidey actor Andrew Garfield has vehemently denied that he is appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third entry into their Spider-Man franchise ‘No Way Home.’ Despite his persistence, alleged photos of him appearing on the set with current Peter Parker actor Tom Holland leaked online. Garfield was directly about these photos on ‘The Tonight Show’ by host Jimmy Fallon where ‘The Social Network’ actor called them “photoshop” fakes.
Fallon told Garfield that photos of him on the set were “going around,” according to SyFy.
“You’re sure about that,” asked Garfield. As the audience started to react, he admitted, “I heard about it, and I did see it, and it’s a Photoshop.”
The audience began to shout back “no” to which Garfield replied, “I’m trying to manage expectations. You say ‘No.'”
Garfield then went to praise Tom Holland for his portrayal of Spider-Man, saying, “Tom Holland is just the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man.”
You can check out the interview:

In an interview with Collider, Garfield reflected on his time filming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and its sequel.
“I mean, I feel a lot of ways about it. I’m really glad I did it. There’s not one part of me that regrets it at all. I feel so grateful for all the friendships and relationships I built and the experience. I got to have that experience of being a part of that kind of behemoth kind of thing, and playing a character that has meant the world to me since I was three, as we all know. So there was nothing, and I learned so much about myself, about how I like to work, how I don’t like to work, about what storytelling means to me, about what it doesn’t mean to me,” he said.
‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is directed by Jon Watts and expected to hit theaters December 17, 2021.