Oh Joy! Disney+ ‘Willow’ Action Figures Are On The Way…

The third wave of Willow action figures was announced this week by Super7. Rather than sticking to the classic Ron Howard movie, the latest batch of 3.75″ tall toys is based solely on the Disney+ series. Oh, goody. So, who made the cut? This is exciting! We’re getting Plank of Wood, Not Val Kilmer, The Key To Everything, and Mr. Paycheck Cameo, to name a few!

Willow Ufgood, Head Cage, Dove, Kit, Jade, and Commander Ballentine. Each figure is $20. Or, if you’re one of those people who is seriously going to collect these, the entire set can be picked up for $120. So, go ahead and flush that money you got for Christmas down the drain. I mean, at least you’re not buying NFTs. Possibly, in thirty years, you could resell the Willow+ collection for maybe a 10% profit. They’ll fetch more on eBay than a crate full of mint-in-box Rose Tico figures.

Wave 3 will arrive in the Summer of 2023, months after everyone forgets about the Disney+ series.

Super7 Willow Disney+ Action Figures
Photo Credit: Super7

The magic returns with the Disney+ original series, Willow! Long ago, Willow Ufgood defeated the forces of evil, and now he must set off with a new set of unlikely heroes to make things right again.

Suppose you’ve not seen the new Disney+ Willow series yet. In that case, I’d suggest skipping it, especially if you’re burnt out on deconstructionist media or fantasy epics constructed via committee rather than a storyteller. However, if you love watching characters tearing each other down, wooden acting, Erin Kellyman, and clothing that manages to stay in absolutely pristine condition through the rough wilderness, Willow+ is for you.

But seriously, the show isn’t great. The original movie wasn’t all that good, but at least it had heart. I’m not sure what Willow+ has, aside from a habit of falling into all the same pitfalls that most modern relaunches of old franchises do. So what’s a new label we can give these pieces of by-committee media? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Super7]

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