Sabretooth Claws His Way Into Mondo’s 1:6 X-Men TAS Toy Line!

The once mysterious Sabretooth has returned to his classic, iconic 1990s look thanks to Mondo’s X-MEN: The Animated Series 1:6 scale line of action figures. Back then, we didn’t know if he was Wolverine’s daddy, brother, cousin, or clone. Ah, I miss when the pasts of some of the greatest mutants were cloudy.

Sabretooth is huge. His hulking statue is captured perfectly here because he isn’t just 12″ tall. Victor Creed is 13″ in height. He towers over the Wolverine and Jubilee figures.

Sabretooth went up for pre-sale just now! Click here to check out Mondo’s previously released X-MEN: The Animated Series 1:6 scale action figures.

“Wolverine’s ex-Team X teammate, Sabretooth, was transformed into a towering archenemy capable of hunting Logan to the ends of the Earth.”

The Timed Edition version of Victor comes with the following:

  • Sabretooth Figure
  • Smiling Portrait
  • Angry Portrait
  • Maskless Portrait
  • Blaster
  • Muzzle
  • Detonator
  • Explosive
  • Talos Head
  • 4 pairs of hands – Fists, C-Grip, Trigger, Dramatic
  • Figure Stand

The only difference between this one and the standard figure is the inclusion of the unmasked portrait, muzzle, and blaster pistol. Oh, and the Timed Edition is $240, while the other is $225.

Maybe one day we’ll get a comic book-accurate Victor Creed on screen. However, given the trend of making all villains annoyingly sympathetic, he’d be ruined or tainted in some way to make him appeal to the mythical “modern audience.”

I think the closest we got was with the first X-MEN film in 2000. Sure, he didn’t talk and showed no connection to Wolverine, but he looked the part. Well, he looked closer to his late ’70s version, but it was better than nuffin’.

What do you think about the 1990s version of Sabretooth? Should the character have stayed dead at the end of Wolverine #55? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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