Darth Vader’s Mythos Statue Is An Intense Tribute To The Dark Lord

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With the way Disney is going with Star Wars, we’ll probably never get to see Darth Vader to super badass evil stuff anymore. Everyone character now has to have some sort of overly sympathetic arc.
Do you know what was great about Vader in the OT? He was dedicated to carrying out the Emporer’s will right until the point where his son was being tortured. There were tiny moments of hesitation prior, but not an entire storyline about Vader hand-raising womp rats while on vacation on Tatooine.
Thankfully, Sideshow Collectibles is still producing items that pay tribute to why Vader and other classic Star Wars characters were engrained in pop culture prior to Mickey getting all molesty with the franchise.
The Darth Vader Mythos statue is a sight to behold. The Exclusive Edition adds multiple interchangeable heads and a flaming lightsaber blade. The statue stands at almost 25″ tall and is priced at $650. It can be pre-ordered now for a Q1 2023 release date.

Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm
Sideshow | Lucasfilm

The Darth Vader Mythos Statue features a fully sculpted costume recreating both the intricate hardware of his cybernetic life support systems and the dynamic, flowing movement of his windswept robes and cape. Detailed tatters and tears in his black uniform reveal the burns he sustained during his most fateful duel as well as the mechanical limbs he was gifted with by his new master, Darth Sidious. Darth Vader’s robes also feature striking paint applications that reflect the glow of the flames and the red lightsaber in the figure, adding depth and dimension to the scene.
The Exclusive Edition of the Darth Vader Mythos Statue includes an additional third portrait with a cracked helmet, exposing just a sliver of the man beneath the mask and showcasing the villain’s duality. The powerful Sith Lord also includes a swap-out lightsaber blade designed with a flamelike effect, adding drama and danger to this formidable weapon. Unleash the Emperor’s most lethal protégé in your collection with these exclusive display options.

What do you think of this statue of the dark lord? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
[Source: Sideshow Collectibles]

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