‘The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated’ English Dub Cast Announced

‘The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated’ is a paranormal comedy manga written by written and illustrated by Wakame Konbu. The series was published by Square Enix that began in 2017. It was adapted by the Japanese animation studio Silver Link which ran for twenty episodes in 2021 directed by Mirai Minato. Crunchy announced that they will be producing an English dub of the show.
They revealed the cast on their website:

  • Lisette Monique Diaz (Eevin in Skeleton Knight in Another World) as Jahy
  • Natalie Rose (Vanilla in Nekopara) as Boss
  • SuzAnne DeCarma as Landlord
  • Monet Lerner (Hellko in Love After World Domination) as Druf
  • Ray Hurd (Gazef in Overlord) as Narrator

Jonathan Rigg is working on the project as the ADR Director.
You can watch the trailer for the series below:

MyAnimeLis describes the synopsis as follows,
“The great Jahy will not be defeated! Simultaneously combating starvation, the lack of A/C, and the unavoidable weakness of turning child-sized, Jahy—previously the second strongest being in the Dark Realm—is under great stress. If it weren’t for the destruction of the mana crystal which used to power the Dark Realm, Jahy would still be living a life of power and luxury.
And yet, at the moment, brawling with the landlady over rent is a recurring event for Jahy. Just to have a place to stay and food to eat, Jahy must work part-time. However, her immense pride will not allow her to live under such poor conditions for any longer than necessary. Vowing to reinstate the Dark Realm to its former glory, Jahy continues her journey to reassemble the mana crystal.”
Japanese singer Yui Ogura performs the first opening theme “Fightin★Pose” while the second “Life in Poverty, No Good Dinero” is sung by Voice Kit band member Sumire Uesaka.
As of the writing of this article, the show has not been renewed for a second season.

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