The Magic Words: Jurassic Park Cryogenics Canister Replica

Photo Credit: Paragon FX Group

The 30th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park’s cinematic debut is coming up soon! To celebrate, Paragon FX Group has meticulously recreated one of the film’s most iconic props, the Barbasol Cryogenics Canister. So now you can succeed where Nedry never did!

The cryogenics canister has been replicated before, but this may be the first official version I’ve seen on the market. Nearly all of the details found on the original prop have been recreated here, except the Barbasol can’s disguise function. Sadly, it does not dispense fluffy white shaving cream. Given how much space the cryogenic parts take up within the can’s housing, I’m not sure it would be functionally possible.

The interior genetic storage device has a “pop-up” centrifuge, as in the original Jurassic Park. Ten micro-centrifuge vials with the correct labels will be included. Each tube will be filled with a yellowish liquid, which I fear may dry out quickly. It may be a good idea to make a small clear resin mixture and fill these with that when the DNA juice finally evaporates.

Paragon FX Group does not say how many of these will be made, but we know that each Jurassic Park prop replica will cost $399.99. A $39.99 deposit is required upfront, with the balance not due until the canister is ready to ship this Summer.

Photo Credit: Paragon FX Group
Photo Credit: Paragon FX Group
Photo Credit: Paragon FX Group
Photo Credit: Paragon FX Group

Working closely with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Paragon FX Group’s team was given access to the original hero prop used in the film’s production. This close-up study of the original hasallowed usy to replicate everything from the proper labels on the centrifuge tube, right down to the very inventory tags that are present on the original prop as it sits in the studio archives. Identical to the original, Paragon with be manufacturing this piece in metal. This multi-piece CNC machined aluminum replica will also feature a ‘pop-up’ centrifuge rack and of course, the entire unit can be seated within a Barbasol can.

The last time we covered Paragon FX Group’s replicas was when the company announced the amazing Batman ’89 modular grapnel replica. While we’ve yet to see any of Paragon’s props in person, we will hopefully have an opportunity soon.

[Source: Paragon FX Group]
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