Cosplaying as Sauron Is Even Easier Now With This Official Helmet

You’re pre-ordered Sauron’s mace, but you’re still missing his helmet. Not to worry, Pure Arts is making a 1:1 scale replica of the Dark Lord’s brain protector! We spotted this replica over at the Big Bad Toy Store.
The catch is that this thing may not be wearable. It is constructed of polyresin and lacks a backside or head strap. But at least the thing looks badass and comes with a Barad-dûr base. The stand lights up, allowing you to see the Eye of Sauron through the helmet. The multiple tiers of lava also light up with LEDs.
The product description says that the piece’s height is 35″ tall, but I’m not sure if that includes the base or not. Regardless, the helmet looks enormous and comes with an equally significant price.
Sauron’s helmet is limited to 7,000 pieces and can be picked up for $899.99. Unfortunately, this replica will not ship until the fourth quarter of 2022 and requires a $135 non-refundable downpayment.

Pure Arts
Pure Arts
Pure Arts
Pure Arts
Pure Arts
Pure Arts

The Dark Lord Sauron, creator of the One Ring and the Rings of Power stirs once more. Feared throughout the ages of Middle-earth, Sauron ruled from the lands of Mordor and the dreaded Barad-dûr.
PureArts proudly presents our first officially licensed Lord of the Rings collectible with the Sauron Art Mask. Carefully sculpted from the movie reference material, the mask is paired with a hyperdetailed fully sculpted Barad-dûr mounting base with LED molten lava effects and the blazing Eye of Sauron.

For a better look at the helmet, check out Pure Arts’ live stream below:

Is $899 too much for a replica of Sauron’s headpiece? Should it be offered without the Barad-dûr base to cut down on cost? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store] [Source: Pure Arts]

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