Red Hood Goes Hunting For The Clown Prince Of Crime In ‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker’

Most comic book fans are familiar with the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, at the hands of Batman’s archnemesis The Joker. While many story-arcs such as “Under The Red Hood” and “Three Jokers” have touched on Todd getting vengeance, DC Comics Black Label is gearing up for another.
In the three-part ‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker,’ we find Jason Todd in Belle Reve prison due to his activities as the Red Hood, but the shadowy figure known as Amanda Waller recruits him to lead Task Force X with one mission in mind: killing the Joker. The creative team behind this “rated R” comic series includes writer Brian Azzarello and artist Alex Maleev.

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Azzarello explained that he avoided using characters from James Gunn’s upcoming film ‘The Suicide Squad,’ with a handful of exceptions.
“I didn’t want to use any of the characters in that team, for one thing,” he said during a press roundtable, according to Syfy Wire. “Tonally, I would say it’s pretty similar. I mean, this book’s Rated R. That’s different for a lot of DC characters… but so is the film, so tonally it’s going to be the same, or similar.”
He continued, “But like I said, I wanted to use characters that hadn’t been around in a while that I could actually do something with. You know, if you throw some characters that you’re more familiar with into the story, I think there’s no tension there, because you know they’re not going to die. The point of this book is that they could die.”
Azzarello also discussed how “unpredictable” the Joker will be leading up to the confrontation with Jason Todd.
“I think it’s always important for the Joker to look dangerous, not funny. This Joker… looks really oily, and nasty,” he explained. “He’s like a stiletto or a switchblade, if I were to pick a weapon. He’s got this look to him that he’s very sharp and angular. And I like it a lot.”
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