NECA’s New Doc Brown Figure Has Seen Some Serious S#!t!

The man invented time travel, tricked out a Delorean, and bamboozled terrorists out of a case of plutonium. Doc Brown in the first Back to the Future movie was a serious Mad Lad. So he deserves to have that smug look on his face in this new action figure from NECA.
As he appeared during the first-time travel experiment, Doc Brown is the latest addition to NECA’s BTTF toy line. The wild-eyed, wild-haired scientist comes with several accessories and interchangeable hands, arms, and heads. You can even capture that smirk when he tells Marty that he is about to see some severe s#!t.
The bad news is that the price of collectibles is still increasing. You can pre-order Doc from Entertainment Earth, but right now, the figure is priced at $34.99. He is set to arrive in our timeline in April 2022.


From Back to the Future, Doctor Emmett Brown, the genius inventor of the time machine and one of the greatest movie characters of all time, is ready to test his creation!
Featuring the official licensed likeness of actor Christopher Lloyd, this Ultimate Doc Brown 7” scale action figure is based on his hazmat suit appearance in 1985. Includes interchangeable heads, swappable arms and hands, revolver, clipboard and time machine remote control.

I think NECA has almost every version of Doc Brown covered. The last stop should be the multiple 1885 Hill Valley ones. NECA should start producing 1/6th scale Deloreans to go along with these figures.
They’d probably be priced around $200 given the size, but it’s a better alternative to the $1k+ Hot Toys or Eaglemoss alternatives. What I’d really like is a Time Train model. Why hasn’t there been a kit for that yet? I don’t ever remember even seeing a small version.
Out of those costumes, which Doc should NECA do first? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: NECA]

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