Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers Faceoff In This NECA Action Figure Set

Though no longer considered canon thanks to the two newer Halloween films, Halloween II was a worthy sequel to John Carpenter’s original. The film expanded on the lore of the unceasing serial killer Michael Myers by telling us that Laurie Strode was, in fact, his sister. Thus, Michael’s endless pursuit of Laurie now made sense until Halloween 2018 retconned that whole storyline.
But you can’t just flush away classic horror movies with modern revisions. Halloween’s first sequel will always be a classic, and NECA knows that. That’s why we’re getting this amazing Dr. Loomis and Michael two-pack. What would have been the final standoff between Michael Myers and the man who tried to unravel his madness is captured here.


While Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her. The nightmare isn’t over! Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the classic 1981 sequel Halloween 2, this action figure 2-pack includes 7-inch-scale versions of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis! Both feature digital facial printing for extra accuracy. Dr. Loomis has removable arms so he can be displayed with or without his trench coat. Recreate the fire scene with attachable fire effects for Michael! It’s packed with more accessories too, including interchangeable hands, lighter hand for Dr. Loomis, 2 handguns, pumpkin, extra arms for Dr. Loomis, hammer, syringe, knife, scalpel, fire effect, and an extra “bloody tears” head for Myers.

Sadly, the story of Myers and his pursuit to end his bloodline continued for many films after the oddity that was Halloween III. Rather than the film series becoming about strange events occurring around the holiday, the series continued to focus on Michael, becoming more and more silly until H20 retconned the previous few entries, allowing Laurie to return. Then it got silly again for another movie before another retcon happened.
Phew. What are your thoughts on the Halloween series and the figures NECA is putting out? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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