Wanna be Batman? You can! Just Buy this $950 Cowl From The ’89 Movie!

I’m Batman. You can be Batman, too. That is if you have around $950 and a black bodysuit … and a turbine-powered car, and a huge fortune. OK, we can’t really be Batman. At the very least, we can pretend so with this film-accurate cowl from Denuo Novo.
The company, known for producing Star Wars helmets and other prop replicas, is moving into DC Comics territory. First up is a recreation of Batman’s cowl from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. However, unlike many other premium Batman cowls we’ve seen over the years, this one is intended to be worn and is not mass-produced.
Denuo Novo’s team will handcraft each piece of Batman’s iconic headwear until the production run hits 500. Then that’s it. The cowl was recreated digitally, referencing the original suit, and the replicas will be made from platinum silicone. In addition, each piece produced will be mounted on a fiberglass stand.

Denuo Novo
Denuo Novo
Denuo Novo
Denuo Novo

Sculpted in a digital format from references of the original screen-used cowl, every angle and original detail was carefully considered and preserved. From recreating the purposeful texturing of the base to the inclusion of the back seam, no detail was spared to bring to you the most accurate wearable replica.
Master craftsmen will construct each cowl from platinum silicone, meant for long term durability and comfortable wearability. When not being worn, the cowl can be returned to its custom made base, specifically created to naturally follow the exact contours of the original sculpt, for long term preservation and display.

What I noticed was missing from the replica’s description was if the bat symbol was removable. Also, does the underside of the cowl have any of the details remaining that allowed it to clip to the rest of the batsuit? I guess we’ll find out during the third quarter of this year.
[Source: Denuo Novo]

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