The Villainous Terry Silver To Return In Cobra Kai Season 4

Thomas Ian Griffith will be returning as the fiendish Terry Silver in season four of Cobra Kai. We spotted this info over at Empire. A short teaser trailer was released featuring audio clips of Griffith’s character while we get a look at the now silver-haired character’s iconic ponytail.
Silver appeared off and on in flashbacks with a younger John Kreese throughout the third season. Obviously, the plan was to bring back the original actor at some point, and that point is now.
Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen actors from the original trilogy of films appear now and again. Some are quick appearances; others are more impactful. Silver will probably be the big bad of this newest season, but what will be his arc?
In Karate Kid 3, Silver worked secretly with Kreese to undermine Daniel LaRusso’s training. This lead to a strained relationship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. It also resulted in Daniel nearly crippling himself due to Silver’s overly intense lessons.
Ultimately the film ended much as the first Karate Kid did. The climax is at a tournament, and young LaRusso is victorious. So, after so many decades, what is the game plan? Have more kids crushing their knuckles against wooden dummies?

Earlier this year, I spoke to Han Soto, who appeared in season two as a pivotal force in John Kreese’s backstory. Mr. Soto did mention that parts of his appearance were cut due to being too violent. Maybe these scenes will reappear to help flesh out Kreese’s and Silver’s time in the armed forces.
Check out my interview with Han Soto below:

What are your thoughts on Cobra Kai and Silver’s return to the franchise? How much can you milk the idea of karate rivalries before they get stale? Will Silver become more sympathetic as Kreese did in the third season? Is this really what we want out of our villains? Let us know in the comments.
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