Masterpiece MP-44S Gives Optimus Prime Classic 1984 Colors

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44S Convoy/Optimus Prime
Photo Credit: Takara Tomy

Did you miss out on the Optimus Prime MP-44 Optimus Prime figure years ago? Takara Tomy is giving us a second crack at owning one of the best versions of the G1 Transformer but with a little change. MP-44S will feature Prime with a new color scheme and decals matching his original Hasbro release from 1984.

That means Optimus Prime will have darker-colored plastic and yellow eyes. However, that’s not the only change.

Those who didn’t want to spend the $400+ on the previous version of the MP-44 will be happy to know that this recolor will probably be far less expensive. From what we’ve seen at the Big Ba Toy Store, MP-44S does not come with the trailer. He’s also limited on other accessories, too.

Aside from his blaster, Optimus Prime will come with the energon ax, Matrix of Leadership, blast effect part, an alternate head, and one other small part I cannot identify. It’s unclear if this figure will have the built-in sound effects and voice lines as the previous figure did.

If MP-44S turns out to be a pricey boy, you could always get the upcoming Volvo Optimus Prime!

If you’re thinking of picking this figure out when it does become available for pre-order, check out JobbytheHong’s review of MP44.

I owned MP-10 Optimus Prime several years ago. It wasn’t bad, but in comparison, most other high-end figures based on the Autobot leader have been better.

If you want to hear our take on the current state of Hasbro, check out the D-Rezzed Podcast.

What are your thoughts on the new Masterpiece figure? What’s the price point that would get you the most interested? Let us know below.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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