Volvo Teams With Hasbro For A New Optimus Prime Figure

Transformers Generations Leader Optimus Prime (Volvo VNR 300)
Photo Credit: Hasbro

There’s a new Optimus Prime figure on the way! Hasbro has partnered with a real-world vehicle maker to give the famous Autobot a new disguise.

Similar to the Alternators line launched about 20 years ago, this non-Bayformers Transformer disguises itself as an officially licensed vehicle. Although his robot mode is based on the G1 design, the vehicle is modeled after Volvo’s newer line of VNR 300 long-haul trucks.

Prime looks pretty good for the most part, with the exception of the legs. The truck’s cab turns into the Transformer’s calves … even though the windows should also be part of his chest plate.

Hasbro, being Hasbro, cheaped out when it came to Prime’s trailer. Rather than creating something new, the included accessory is reused from previous Generations releases. The last time we saw the trailer was with the War for Cybertron Earthrise Leader Optimus Prime.

Volvo Optimus Prime should roll out around September 1st. The Autobot leader can be pre-ordered from Hasbro Pulse for $54.99.

Optimus Prime has the following features and accessories:

  • READY TO ROLL OUT: In partnership with Volvo, Optimus Prime takes on a Volvo VNR 300 truck cab alt mode, ready to roll out for a long haul!
  • TRANSFORMERS-VOLVO MASH-UP: This Optimus Prime action figure features a re-designed alt mode licensed by Volvo, with classic G1 deco and details
  • LICENSED G1-INSPIRED CONVERSION: Figure converts from robot to licensed Volvo truck mode in 37 steps. Comes with a trailer accessory that attaches to the truck cab mode and opens into a battle station
  • CLASSIC ACCESSORIES: Includes Ion blaster and Matrix of Leadership accessories. Open the figure’s chest panels to insert the Matrix of Leadership accessory
  • INTRICATE PACKAGING DESIGN: Packaging art showcases both modes of Optimus Prime in blueprint schematic designs

What do you think of Volvo Prime? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]
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