‘Deathstroke Inc.’ Writer Dishes About The New DC Comics Release

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Slade Wilson is a fan-favorite among DC Comics readers. Making his debut in the pages of Teen Titans, he has had his own series, made numerous appearances in media, and was a boss in two of the Batman: Arkham video games. Now, writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter are raising the stakes with a new solo series ‘Deathstroke Inc.’
DC Comics says on their website, “For more than forty years, Slade Wilson has been one of DC’s most compelling—and loathsome—antagonists. He’s famously targeted the Teen Titans numerous times, along with remaining a consistent threat across the DC Universe. And now he’s ready for something different.”
“Slade joins with an ages-old secret organization called T.R.U.S.T. His mission? Hunting down the biggest villains, with the coolest (and deadliest) technology at his disposal. But as Williamson is quick to note, just because Deathstroke is fighting bad guys, that absolutely doesn’t make him a good guy. Luckily, one genuine hero is on board to keep him in check: Black Canary,” they continue.
Williamson cautioned fans, “You should not root for Deathstroke. He has tried to walk the line of being a hero many times and it just never works out. This book is about that. How he’s coming to terms with the fact that he is not a good person. He’s not a family man. He is not someone who should lead a good life. What does he do when he finally realizes that?”
When asked why Justice League member Black Canary would work for Slade, Williamson explained that it was not a “sidekick” scenario.
“She’s there for multiple reasons,” he explained. “The big one involves something from her past… And she hates Slade. It’s 100% antagonistic. They worked together multiple times in the past, in Team 7 and during her times in the Birds of Prey. This is hardly the first time she’s been on a team with him. But in this case, she knows the best way to keep an eye on Slade is to partner with him. It’s a high price to pay, but Black Canary has a job to do.”
The first issue of ‘Deathstroke Inc.’ has been released in print and digital.

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