1966’s Batman & Robin Are Beast Kingdom’s Next DAH Figures

Batman fever is in full swing! McFarlane Toys is releasing a boxset celebrating all of the cinematic Caped Crusaders, and now Beast Kingdom is back with two new Dynamic 8ction Heroes based on the 1966 TV series!

Batman and Robin are available as separate pre-orders. Each DAH figure is just over 8″ tall and features soft goods costumes.

The “DAH-080 Batman TV Series Batman” figure has approximately 18 points of articulation with a classic TV series Batman costume and cloak made of real fabric, featuring the iconic yellow Batman emblem on the chest and belt. It also boasts a super realistic Batman head sculpture, with small details and patterns of the mask accurately represented. Additionally, it includes classic props that appeared in the series, such as the telephone, statue, and Batman’s dart weapon, along with five different hand shapes to increase your playability.

The “DAH-081 Batman TV Series Robin” figure boasts approximately 18 points of articulation, making it highly poseable. It comes complete with a classic TV drama green and orange costume made of real fabric and a golden cape. The super realistic Robin head sculpture and the inclusion of classic series props, such as handcuffs, Robin’s walkie-talkie, and up to five different interchangeable hand shapes, further enhance the figure’s playability.”

The Caped Crusader is $69.99 and packs several iconic accessories:

  • 5 types of interchangeable hand shapes (fist, open, sword pointing, holding object, karate chop)
  • Accessories: telephone, statue, and dart

The Boy Wonder is slightly less expensive than Batman. He’ll run you $59.99 and comes with the following:

  • 5 types of interchangeable hand shapes (fist, open, sword pointing, holding object, karate chop)
  • Accessories: Handcuffs, Walkie-talkie.
  • Clothing made of fabric material
[Source: Beast Kingdom]

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