HiDive Picks Up Fantasy Anime ‘Touka Gettan’ For Streaming

The anime streaming service HiDive has announced that they have acquired the license to stream the supernatural romance series ‘Touka Gettan.’ The show was developed by the Japanese animation company Studio Deen who released all twenty-six episodes in 2007.

HiDive said on their website, “In the mood for supernatural romance? Then you don’t want to miss Toka Gettan on HIDIVE. Get ready for two episodes every Tuesday starting December 27, 2022…”

Sentai Filmworks released the series for home video on DVD and Blu-ray on December 13, 2022.

Directed by Yūji Yamaguchi, it also features music by Akifumi Tada and writing by Tomomi Mochizuki. It also features character designs by Asako Nishida and the artist known as Carnelian.

The anime is based on a video game that serves as an adult visual novel that explores romance in a supernatural context. Created by the Japan-based developer Root, it was released for PC gamers in 2007 before it arrived on the Playstation 2 in 2009.

You can watch the full opening below:

AniList describes the synopsis as follows,

“Touka Gettan is set in the land of Kamitsumihara, where traces of magic and legend can still be seen. The land has been under the protection of the Kamiazuma clan since it was founded. The story revolves around Touka Kamiazuma, the main protagonist, and his encounter with a young girl named Momoka Kawakabe who comes to stay with the clan. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that will bring an ancient legend to life.”

It also featured a companion manga that was written by Aguri Soragata, illustrated by Yukio Kumoya, and published by Kadokawa Shoten for their Comptiq magazine. It ran from 2005 to 2008 and was released in two volumes.

‘Touka Gettan’ is a spin-off of the Japanese OVA ‘Moonlight Lady’ which was released in 2001.

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