Funimation Reveals ‘Hortensia SAGA’ English Dub Cast

Based on the popular video game from SEGA and 14Samurai, ‘Hortensia SAGA’ is a twelve-episode anime from Liden Films. It originally aired Tokyo MX and was picked up by the streaming service Funimation for a North American release and AnimeLabs for viewing in other countries.
Funimation announced that it had acquired the rights for an English dub to be released on their platform. Their website reported, “The Kingdom of Hortensia needs a hero! We’re excited to announce that the Hortensia SAGA English dub is officially headed to Funimation, and we’ve got all you need to know on the series cast and crew, release and more.”
They continued, “(All) 12 episodes of the Hortensia SAGA English dub will arrive on Funimation, which means your adventure with Albert, Marius, Maurice and more is about to begin (or begin again!). The English voice cast of the series includes Chris Hackney (Tower of God) as Alfred Albert, Laura Stahl (The Promised Neverland) as Marius Casterede and DC Douglas (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) as Maurice Baudelaire.”
“From Aniplex, studio LIDENFILMS (Tokyo Revengers) and director Yasuto Nishikata, Hortensia SAGA first aired as part of the Winter 2021 anime season on Funimation,” Funimation added.
You can watch the trailer for ‘Hortensia SAGA’ below:

According to MyAnimeList, the synopsis explains:
A violent rebellion in the capital led by Duke Rugis Camellia wreaks havoc on the Kingdom of Hortensia, leaving every member of the royalty either dead or missing. Barely escaping with his life, knight Maurice Baudelaire flees the ensuing chaos after his brother, Fernando Albert, is killed by a werewolf in battle.
To honor his legacy, Maurice treks to Albert’s house and delivers his son, Alfred Ober, his father’s sword. Despite his grief, Alfred is reminded of a vow he pledged with his father—to become a knight so that he could protect his land, the Albert Dominion.
Under Maurice’s tutelage, Alfred hones his combat skills to fulfill his promise. Training alongside him is Marius Casterede, an intriguing boy whose age seems to be more than meets the eye. Elsewhere, Pope Alexi Valdebron delivers the order to capture the missing princess and crowns Charlot D’Hortensia as the new king. Hortensia Saga is a tale of camaraderie and determination as Alfred, Marius, and Maurice work together with friends of past and present to bring forth light amidst Hortensia’s dark times.

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