ThreeZero Teases The Release of A Bloodshot Action Figure

ThreeZero Studios is jumping from Transformers, Voltron, and Rambo into the world of indie comic book figures. Straight from the pages of Valiant Comics, the chalk-white assassin Bloodshot is getting a new action figure from the Hong Kong-based studio. showed this single image preview of the upcoming Bloodshot figures. That’s it. There’s not a lot to go on here. Bloodshot will be a 6″ tall figure with a buck that looks similar to the current Marvel Legends line. Accessories will probably be limited to firearms and maybe an alternate head resembling his look in the early Valiant comic books. This is all a guess, keep in mind.
From what we’ve seen concerning ThreeZero’s other action figures, I do not doubt that Bloodshot will look great. It’s not clear which Bloodshot this is. The original Angelo Mortalli or 1997’s Raymond Garrison? Regardless, he’ll certainly look better than Vin Diesel did in that 2020 adaptation of the character.

Did you forget about that movie? Yeah, I did, too. It premiered in March of that year and fell about $8 million short of matching its production budget.
The 2020 movie was written by Truth or Dare‘s Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer, who wrote Bird Box. So, not off to a great start there. It was directed by Dave Wilson, whose previous directing credits included a single Love, Death & Robots short. Can you see why this movie moved out of theatres faster than a nun’s first curry?
Aside from the cool look and the indie comic thing, Bloodshot wasn’t much of a standout when it came to his powers. He was pretty much like Wolverine or Deadpool, but the healing, reflexes, and strength came from nanites in Bloodshot’s system. Sometimes all you need is a good story, and a cool look, and comic book fans will dismiss the more derivative aspects of a character.

Let us know what you think of Bloodshot below.
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