Own The Thundercats’ Sword Of Omens, Gain Sight Beyond Sight!

Over the years, I’ve seen many replicas of the Sword of Omens. The magical weapon from the 1980s Thundercats cartoon is an iconic sword, easily identifiable and pathetically pleasing. All those replicas I’ve spotted? Cheap unlicensed knockoffs.
Every flea market has a stall with at least two or three different versions of the sword for sale. Some come with a light-up Eye of Thundera. Some share just the basic shape of the blade in hopes of avoiding any potential lawsuit. Either way, none of these were officially licensed replicas.
Factory Entertainment makes it clear that what it is selling is both licensed and not a toy. It may not have any fancy LED lights or extending blade features, but the blade is stainless steel and features a full-tang. The hilt is cast metal with lots of imitations, gemstones, and acrylic inserts to capture the look of the fully extended sword seen in the cartoon.
The replicas are numbered and include a Thundercats logo wall mount and a certificate of authenticity booklet. You’ll get all this for $599.99. Expect the sword to ship sometime in the Fall of 2022.
If the price tag is a bit much, you can always pick up a scaled replica of the Sword of Omens from the same company.

Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment

It requires a fair degree of artistic interpretation, working hand in hand with the licensor, to take 2D drawings created for animation or toy sculpts, both of which were intended for a less detailed execution, and realize them as fully developed and full-sized real-world items.
One such artistic judgment involves determining the size of a 1:1 scale replica for an animated character. The wielder of the Sword Of Omens, Lion-O, has no official height, so the replica, which measures 41 inches (104 cm) in length, has been scaled to the proportions of an adult human standing 6.2” (1.9m) tall.

Are you ready to drop $599.99 on this replica? Or will you be heading out to the local flea market to pick up one of the various unlicensed swords bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Sword of Omens? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.
[Source: Factory Entertainment]

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